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Tiny polyurethane parts

The constantly growing importance of robotics, the watch industry and the general trend towards miniaturisation of machines and apparatus have led to a constant increase in the demand for customer-specific precision parts with the smallest dimensions. This has prompted KUNDERT to take up the challenge of manufacturing very small parts from polyurethane.

After an introductory phase of around one year, it is now possible to produce moulded parts from various polyurethane systems of just a few millimetres or to apply a thin polyurethane coating to the smallest metal and plastic cores.

Small as well as large series can be produced economically and with high precision. We look forward to hearing from you.

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New electrically conductive, nanoparticle-modified POM C

The new POM C ELS NANO black is an electrically conductive nanoparticle-modified POM C. In contrast to other conventional materials available on the market, POM C ELS NANO black dispenses conductive carbon black. As a result, the important POM C properties, such as the strength values, remain virtually unchanged. This is made possible only by the groundbreaking nanotechnology, which requires only a very small amount of additive to achieve the conductivity. The surface resistance of our new material is 103 - 104 Ω and the volume resistivity 104 Ω.cm (tested to IEC 93).

Applications find electrically conductive acetal resins, especially in components where electrical discharges in use prepare problems. Examples of applications are insulation, integrated circuits, hard disk drives or bobbins.

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New polyurethane family from KUNDERT with a wide spectrum of applications.

  • UK-DAA 30A up to 60A
  • UK-DAA-F 80 ShA up to 60 ShD

The new UK-DAA-Family includes two high-performance polyurethanes, based upon the latest polyurethane chemistry. The raw materials used for this polyurethanes meet the latest requirements of REACH, are narrow specified produced by applying very strict quality controls. With this is an important precondition fulfilled to ensure consistent elastomer quality.

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New polyurethane solutions for lightweight construction.

Nowadays, energy efficiency has become an important aspect in the design of energy consumers such as automobiles, airplanes and railways. But there is also a huge untapped energy-saving potential in all other areas involving the movement of mass through the use of lighter materials. Motivated by this demand from the market, KUNDERT developed polyurethane materials that retain the advantageous properties of polyurethane, but are able to achieve a considerably lower specific weight through the use of appropriate fillers.

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