Management Board

Stefan Kundert
CEO, Owner

Pascal Kundert
Division Manager

Jürg Hauser
Sales Manager

Dominic Schmid
Division Manager
Finished Products

Sales/Procurement Plastic finished products, Polyurethane

Martin Fischer
Account Manager

René Bühler
Area Sales Manager

Willi Krummenacher
Account Manager

Heinz Marty
Account Manager

Robin Mäder
Account Manager

Sales/Procurement Plastic semi-finished products

Eugenio Bracci
Account Manager


Peter Feller
Division Manager
Semi-finished Products

Production planning

Florian Juhart
Machined parts

Ueli Zwingli
Machined parts

Thomas Ulrich

Luca Mauro


Michael Bolliger
Production Milling

Stefan Gubser
Production Turning

Production-related departments

Hanspeter Frieden
Quality control

Patrik Winiger
Modular assembly

Pius Schneck

Daniel Klisuric
Maintenance Infrastructure

Order processing

Andrea Blöchlinger
Team Leader

Helena Kuriger
Sales Assistant

Nicole Hüppin
Sales Assistant

Daniela Ince
Sales Assistant


Rita Brügger

Kurt Knobel
Data and information processing

Jeannine Landert
Human resources

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