Round bars, hollow rods

KUNDERT has a vast stock of round bars and hollow rods made from thermoplastics, thermosets, fluoroplastics and elastomers. Over 180 types of materials are stored ready for orders in over 2000 storage bins. The extended delivery service from KUNDERT makes it possible for your to have the product you want within 24 hours - thanks to the company's stock availability.

KUNDERT has created an online shop for semi-finished products specially for purchasers of semi-finished plastic products. All orders can be picked from the current inventory of all the sizes offered, charged at the binding net price and current exchange rate, before then being despatched.

The following order options are possible:

  • Warehoused format: Round and hollow rods in 3-metre lengths
  • Delivery format: Whole rods, half rods, rods in 1-metre lengths
  • Round and hollow rod cuts made to measure
  • Grinding at h9 tolerance also possible as an additional service

Auszug aus dem Halbzeugprogramm:


  • High-performance plastics: PI, PEEK, PAI, PPS, PPSU, PES, PSU, PEI
  • Standard plastics: PA, POM, PPE, PET, PBT, PMMA, PC, PMP, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS
  • Reinforcing materials and additives: Glass fibres, carbon fibres, PTFE, graphite, PE, etc.


  • Fibre composites based on glass fibres, glass mats, glass fabrics and carbon fibres
  • Laminated fabric and laminated paper in all EN and special qualities


  • Virgin PTFE and regrind
  • PTFE with reinforcing materials and additives such as carbon, glass, graphite, ceramic, PI, etc.

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