Plastics for medical technology

KUNDERT offers semi-finished products and finished parts made from thermoplastics, which correspond to the high demands of medical technology. The following requirements/properties in particular are fulfilled:

  • Biocompatibility tests for semi-finished products
  • Very good resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Resistance to widely used sterilisation methods such as superheated steam, hot air, ethylene oxide or gamma rays
  • Compliance-check of the processing tools used
  • Care in storage and shrink-wrapped for shipment

The semi-finished plastic products and plastic finished parts made by KUNDERT are used in the following areas of application in medical technology:

  • Orthopaedics/Traumatology
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapy
  • Intensive care/artificial respiration
  • Dentistry
  • Sterilisation

Semi-finished plastic products approved for use in medical technology facilitate the approval process for the medical products of our customers. Consequently, all semi-finished products with the suffix 'MT' (Medical Technology) in their name have been tested for their biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993. That is why the biocompatibility certificate issued for respective orders does not just contain information regarding the compliance of the raw materials, but also the results of the corresponding tests carried out on the semi-finished products in accordance with ISO 10993. We also use this process to ensure complete traceability from the customer's order to the semi-finished product and the raw materials used.

KUNDERT ensures product safety for the food sector by means of consistent traceability of the plastics. The manufacturers of KUNDERT semi-finished plastic products comply with the stipulations of the Regulation (EC) no. 2023/2006 for good manufacturing practice(GMP) for materials and goods that are to come into contact with food.

KUNDERT offers a wide range of plastics that are suitable for use in medical technology:

  • Tecapeek MT (PEEK MT), various colours
  • Tecapeek MT CF 30 (PEEK MT CF 30), 30% carbon fibres, black
  • Tecapeek MT Classix (PEEK MT CLASSIX), white
  • Tecason MT (PPSU MT), various colours
  • Tecanyl MT (PPE MT), various colours
  • Tecapro MT (PP MT), white
  • Tecanat MT (PC MT), made to order
  • Tecapei MT (PEI MT), made to order
  • Tecapeek MT XRO (PEEK MT XRO), x-ray detectable, made to order
  • Tecason MT XRO (PPSU MT XRO), x-ray detectable, made to order
  • Tecapro SAN (PP SAN), anti-microbial, made to order
  • Tecaform AH SAN (POM C SAN), anti-microbial, made to order
  • Tecatec PEEK MT CW50, 50% carbon fibres, black

Our materials specialists will gladly assist you with their extensive knowledge and many years of experience in dealing with plastics for medical technology. Call us.

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